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In 1999 computer viruses were common, however the term spyware was new and only beginning to rear its evil head. Computer users worldwide became extremely frustrated when hackers started taking control of their computers to display unwanted advertising, changing their search results and even worse when they started stealing private and sensitive information. Since its first commercial application of Ad-Aware and Secure Search, Lavasoft became the pioneer in user security and anti-spyware protection. With the help of Secure Search, Lavasoft remains committed to making the internet a much safer place for everyone.

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Secure Search does not collect or track any of your information. You get to surf the Internet worry free, the way it’s intended to be. No injected ads, no annoying pop ups based on your surfing habits. We even go one step further, and not even a cookie dropped on your machine. It’s simple, surf worry free. No one is looking. We are powered by Lavasoft Malware URL Blocker ,the only real-time URL filtering technology available today. Lavasoft Malware URL Blocker's superfast URL lookup checks in real-time the accessed URLs against the most complete and constantly updated database of malicious websites available today, and blocks them before they can do any harm. We deliver the results YOU want. Flexible algorithms drive our results, Not monitoring your surfing behaviour like most other search engines. Our results will always be generic, our site search technology will never tag your search queries, page views or actions. Search is our only focus; we are dedicated to delivering you instant and accurate results.

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